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At Allan Gap Trust, we redefine business financing with unparalleled professionalism and corporate appeal. Unlike traditional banks, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions meticulously adapted to meet each client's needs.

Our expertise extends to assisting borrowers with urgent funding requirements, managing ATO debts, leveraging property value for loans, facilitating business partner payouts, seizing urgent business opportunities, supporting developers in project completion, and aiding those who may be credit-impaired. Recognizing the profound personal connection individuals have with their businesses, we approach our partnerships with respect and understanding. As your true collaborator, we foster mutual growth and success.

Our commitment goes beyond capital provision; we offer a suite of business development tools, strategic contacts, customer referrals, and deep industry expertise in various sectors. In contrast to traditional private equity firms, we envision long-term partnerships, with no mandatory exit requirements in five to seven years. Whether you seek unsecured business finance for small enterprises or explore options like SME funding, SMME funding, private business loans, or invoice discounting finance, Allan Gap Trust stands as your premier choice.

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Empower your business journey with Allan Gap Trust—an entrepreneur-friendly partner that fosters current owners' autonomy while providing expert mentorship in operations, finance, and sales. As a publicly listed company, we offer the added benefit of a tax-deferred rollover for business owners joining forces with us.

Opt for Allan Gap Trust to embark on a transformative business financing experience aligned with your vision for sustained success. Whether you're looking to factor invoices, expand, acquire assets, settle debts, pay VAT, make a deposit, cover taxes, purchase a vehicle, buy out a partner, or address any financial need, our versatile funding options make it all possible. If your business has achieved $1 million in sales over the last 12 months, apply with us, and a dedicated loan manager will swiftly guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless and efficient acquisition of your Business Loan.

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Send us your business proposal for an internal review. In response to the evolving financial landscape, entities such as Allan Gap Trust are positioned to address the distinct requirements of business proprietors. Allan Gap Trust distinguishes itself by offering a funding solution that obviates the necessity for physical assets as collateral. The eligibility criteria have been thoughtfully structured to cater specifically to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Business entities with a minimum operational history of one year and an annual turnover of $1 million are eligible to apply for financial support through Allan Gap Trust.

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If you want to aim high, you shouldn’t have to think about payment periods. Give yourself the freedom you need – for your finances and your peace of mind. With the Master Lease Agreement from Allan Gap Trust.

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At Allan Gap Trust, we prioritize a comprehensive evaluation of your application beyond conventional credit scores. Leveraging advanced scoring technology for real-time business assessments, we ensure precision in determining the optimal funding solution for you. Our credit facility offers seamless access to a revolving line of credit, eliminating the need for repeated applications and providing instant financial support. Trust us for a swift and accurate evaluation that tailors the best funding deal to meet your business needs.

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